John Asks: What made you decide to write a blog?

Hey John,

It’s actually a funny story. I never, never, NEVER intended on being a blogger.

Back when I wrote for a local LGBT publication, I had wonderful editors who really nourished my writing and helped me better my craft. But I hated being limited in content, such as not being able to curse, and limited in word count (because I am one wordy motherfucker). By the time my last editor had cut my column down to 650 words, I knew it was time to retire.

I took some years off and knew I wanted to return to the world of writing, but wanted to do so in book form. This way I could write whatever I wanted as lengthy as I wanted. Not long after starting this journey, I met with a publisher who already knew my work and was interested. However, they said I probably wouldn’t go very far since nobody outside of my city knew who I was.

They suggested starting a blog in order to build an audience first. I hated this idea. I didn’t wanna do it. I had no interest in blogs. To me, blogs were blah. But I try to be open to the wisdom others provide and the path that the universe pushes me towards. So, I educated myself on the world of blogging and, with the help of some crafty talented friends, Bare InkSlinger was born.

It has now been two years with more than 50 posts! As it turns out, I love blogging. I love being able to connect with the audience through a digital medium. I wouldn’t be able to do that with books. Though, as everyone knows (because I can’t shut up about it), I still plan on writing books and the first will come out this spring. In the meantime, the blog will continue on.

Thanks for asking such a fun question!


Bare InkSlinger