Matt R. Asks: Do you believe in New Year resolutions? If so, can you share some of your past ones?

Hi Matt,

I think resolutions can be good. It’s a great way to set goals for ourselves. But it’s only great if we really take them seriously. If people are only making resolutions just for the sake of making them…then, eh, best of luck.

If people are really wanting to make resolution from something lacking in their life, then it has to be an active process and not a passive one. Making change for ourselves is not easy. So, by all means, yes, make resolutions. But if you are not making a game plan to do it with in the first couple of weeks, then the likelihood of success is nil.

I can’t remember my past resolutions. If I didn’t have an idea for them, then I wouldn’t make any. But for this year, I have made three resolutions. Here they are and my game plan for them.

  1. Have a social life again. This last year was really lonely for me. I worked really hard and I traveled a lot which didn’t leave me much time for friends locally. I also lost a good friend over the last year (it might be the next blog post). But my game plan is to do a better job connecting with locals that I know. I need to reach out to these folks on a regular basis. Find local events and invite them to join. Or just go to a dinner.

  2. Fixing my posture. I’ve always had bad posture and it makes me really self-conscious. I think I am more prone to it because I have an extended sternum which could contribute to pulling my chest muscles forward. No doubt being on my phone all the time makes it worse. My game plan is to pursue both chiropractic and physical therapy to correct this. I might get one of those monitors you stick on your back and it alerts you when you slouch. But they’re pricey. I did already buy one of those braces that pull your shoulders back, but I’m not loving it.

  3. Publish my book. Getting this book done and in the hands of you all was my goal for 2018. I didn’t make it happen. Writing a book is such a hard journey - especially while managing a blog and finding ways to stream in income. But I am in a good place with this project. I have a shit ton more to do on it, so it will take time and lots of hard-work still. But my game plan is to buckle down on the editing and get three chapters edited a week (there will be 18 or 19 chapters - depending if I cut one). Hopefully my amazing volunteer editors can keep, up but we shall see.

If anyone else wants to share their ideas for their New Year’s resolutions, feel free to comment below! Maybe we can help each other develop game plans.


Bare InkSlinger