Dennis Asks: Were you always comfortable being naked? If not, why?

I grew up Catholic, gay and what my mom used to call “husky” which I knew meant fat. So because of all that I had tremendous body shame until my 20s. Now like you can’t keep my clothes on. Question: were you always comfortable being naked? If not why? And do you differentiate between nude and naked?
— Dennis

Hi Dennis,

So glad you were able to overcome body shame and shed your clothes.  That's awesome.

Was I always comfortable being naked?  The answer is no.  In fact, I am still not always comfortable being naked now.  It just depends the scenario.  Sometimes it's easy for me.  Sometimes it's very difficult.  

Like you, I grew up with a lot of body shame.  Though, it may be different from yours as it wasn't due to any kind of religious or conservative thinking.  More so, I grew up in a house of women and it's the norm (unfortunately) for women to dislike their bodies.  So it wasn't that my family members shamed each other, my family members shamed themselves and I absorbed that mentality.

With that, I grew up with a deep rooted sense of body dysmorphia.  And for me, it will never truly go away.  I feel fortunate that I have over come 80% of  it.  But that 20% can still nag at me.  This is why I continue to strip down openly in front of the world... to help fight off that 20%, to not let it grow up to 50%.  The best way to overcome fear is to face it.

As for your last question of whether I differentiate between nude or naked, I don't think I have ever thought about it.  So, at this time, I use the terms interchangeably.  But something tells me you might differentiate (seeing as how you asked the question).  If that's the case, then I'd love it if you (or any of you reading this) would comment on this response and explain it.  I think it'd be fascinating.


Bare InkSlinger