Gary Asks: I am wondering how you came about this site and your blog.

Hi Gary,

This blog was not my plan for being a writer. But I regret not having done it sooner. Originally, all I wanted to do was write books. But then a publisher said that a blog would build a bigger audience so that I would have a better chance at selling books. This was brilliant advice that I wanted to shove in the trash.

I started the blog anyway and it has completely derailed my ability to finish writing my first book (it’ll finally come out in the spring). But honestly, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wrote for many years for other publications and I hated having limited word count and also that I had to watch my dirty fuckin mouth.

I wanted to do something totally independent so that I could create whatever I wanted as a writer. As much as I wanted to do that with books (and still will), creating this blog has really given me that space. I didn’t set out to be a blogger, but I am so happy I am now. I thank that publisher for giving me the advice to create one. Ironically, now that I have done all this myself (along with a team of rag tag genius friends), I don’t feel the need to have a publisher. So, yay!

Thanks for the thoughtful question. Hopefully that’s what you meant.


Bare InkSlinger