Anonymous Asks: How did you and Luke meet? Did the status affect the relationship dynamics?

How did you and Luke meet? Did the status affect the relationship dynamics? If so, how did you guys manage to navigate that? Sorry if these all have been answered before.
— Anonymous

Hey there Anonymous!

Never worry if a question has been asked. Oddly enough, in my two years of blogging, it has rarely happened.

The story of Luke and I getting together is so incredibly bizarre and complicated, that it could warrant a whole chapter in a book… which I plan to do in my second book (which should hopefully go faster than my first book). Here is the mini version:

I had not yet been diagnosed with HIV when he and I met at the beginning of summer. We went on a date and immediately wrote each other off. Luke thought I was too wild and I thought he was too reserved. But we liked each other enough to remain friends (which of course meant friends with benefits). Over the summer, we came to really appreciate a lot of the things we saw in each other.

Then in September, I got my diagnosis. It completely shattered me. Even though he was scared and didn’t understand it, he didn’t run away or make it about himself. Luke was the most kind and giving and caring person in the world . He gave me far more hope than any of my friends did (who were so freaked out they could hardly talk about it). I realized that I would be incredibly lucky to end up with a man like him. And in all of my brokenness, he somehow saw someone he would want to be with as well. In the midst of my crisis, we fell in love.

Then shit just got weird from there (CLIFFHANGER!).

Eleven years later, I still love him so much and truly can’t imagine myself with anyone else. This is why I constantly give the dating advice of: date who you don’t think you’d want. Luke was not the guy I imagined myself with and I couldn’t be more grateful that it worked out this way.


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