Jay Asks: My password is not working. Do u have it?

Dear Jay,

Why am I answering this on the Q&A? Because Q&A is anonymous and this has happened a few times. If you are asking me something like this, I do not have an email for you to write back. So for questions like these, feel free to email me at scott@bareinkslinger.com or you can just go to the contact section of the website.

Now, on to this password business. My blog is not as advanced as it looks. People do not have individual passwords to access it. Instead there is one password we all use like a family. Sometimes I find this better because we are expected to make up these crazy passwords for so many different websites that it gets pretty bonkers.

For that reason, I have made this community password the most painstakingly easy password I could possibly think of. Most readers remember it. Some don’t. I probably wouldn’t myself. I have the memory of a goat these days. So I am not bothered if people forget it.

Anytime there is an NSFW post, there is a password reminder in the following week’s newsletter that corresponds with that blog post. If you aren’t sure and don’t want to wait for the newsletter (your impatience is flattering I assure you), then feel free to email and I’ll give ya a reminder.


Bare InkSlinger