RJS Asks: Why is it so hard to locate a group that enjoys men doing what every man enjoys?

Why is it so hard to locate a group that enjoys men doing what every man enjoys, masturbating? Other cities have several groups where men from all walks just enjoy sitting around, comparing with others and enjoying a good game of edging. Why does Denver not see the value of such gathering?

Dear RJS,

With Craigslist eliminating the personals section, and with the stigma of sexuality making it difficult to discuss such groups publicly, this gets tricky. But just because you haven’t found it does not mean it doesn’t exist. I have seen such groups pop up in Denver, though I don’t know how long they last or whether they are still around.

If you want to find such groups, you are going to have be more transparent and start asking around about it openly. If your shyness prevents you from talking about it, then you will never find the community your searching for (if it currently exists).

But here’s the thing I learned about community several years ago. Whether you want a social networking group for LGBT professionals or a group where you can just sit around jerkin’ it, community is a DIY project.

By this I mean you can either sit idly by - wishing it would happen, or you can get off your butt and create it yourself. If you want something bad enough, you will put the work into it. And if you build it, they will come (pun intended).

So, start up a secret facebook group. Get the word out. And see what comes of it (argh, more puns!).


Bare InkSlinger