The "bare it all" pen


The blogger’s pen that really does bare it all - it's a convenient and fun (NSFW) reminder to be bold and put yourself out there.  Though, sometimes we can feel particularly stuck.  In this case, flip the pen over and the underwear comes off - a second (and even more fun) reminder to go for total transparency.  Don’t just bare some of yourself… seriously, bare it all: mind, body, and soul.

When we encourage one another, life is more inspired.  This black ink, classic style "tip-and-strip" pen can help support my journey in becoming an independently published author AND it can give you and your friends something fun to write about .  

Check out the gallery influenced by the pen below - from artwork to raw human connection (some images NSFW), it shows all the ways the Bare It All pen can be enjoyed.

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the pen gallery (some images not safe for work)

Pen Collaborators: Mike Cusic, Jonathan Saiz, and Brandon Witt.
Gallery photos: Ash Lee  /  Model: Justin