The 2018 "bare it all" pen


Introducing the only blogger’s pen that really does bare it all.  The image of me in my undies serves as a reminder to be bold and put yourself out there.  But if you’re feeling particularly stuck, flip the pen over and the underwear comes off - truly revealing everything.  It’s my fun (naked) way to inspire others to go for total transparency.  Don’t just bare some of yourself… seriously, bare it all: mind, body, and soul.

I believe life works best when we encourage one another.  And these pens also act as a tool to support independent art and help aid my journey in becoming an author.  So if you buy five or more (in case your friends need some or you want one for every room in your house), I will throw in an extra, fun bonus item for ya.

The gallery below uses the pen to artistically show a story of raw, unclothed human connection.  I hope you enjoy it.

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the pen gallery (some images not safe for work)

Photos by Ash Lee  /  Modeling by Justin