Kitten On A Curtain

One thing I can’t ever shut up about is how summer is my absolute favorite time of year.  The hot air means less clothes.  The longer days mean less depression (which also means less clothes).  And the outdoors mean more energy (and fine, also sometimes less clothes). 

While wintertime can also be lovely, I hate how winter’s cold air and short days keep us all crammed up inside - wearing heavy layers and rubbing our  germs all over everything that get us sick.  Summer is a time to come out of hibernation - see people and do things.  And if we get each other sick, it’s probably from a simple, treatable, summertime STD or something.

But as this summer approached, I may have gotten a little too excited - blowing my summer wad all at once.  When any and all opportunities popped up, I immediately popped them on the schedule.  However, this is how it all ended up popping out.  

Phot by  Hayk

Phot by Hayk

It kicked off with my incredible Insta-Friend, @knoxpeake, visiting in May.  Two days after his visit, my partner Luke and I jetted off to San Francisco to see one of our favorite musicians.  One day after we got back, Luke’s mother came for a visit.  Then MY parents came for a visit three days later. Two days after they left, our friend from Tampa arrived for Denver Pridefest.  Three days after he left, we headed to Portland for a summer trip.

As this essay posts to the blog, I will be headed home from Portland in a few hours.  But I ain’t out of the woods yet.  Fortunately though, I decided to “take it easy” in July.  Ten days after we get back from Portland, I am hosting a large party with a friend.  And then we have a WHOLE week before we head off to Tampa to meet up with the rest of my family (as properly guilted into doing by my mother).   

Amidst of all of this, I realized that, in my sheer summer excitement, I became like one of those kittens who thought it would be awesome to climb up a curtain.  And now that I am up there, I’m looking down like “Oh, fuck! What did I do?”

Writing the book has fallen off completely and I have been running the blog and the newsletter by the skin of my big fat jacked up teeth (of which I am currently trying to learn how to love).  And a new fear has hit me: in order to get back on track, I would have to miss out on the rest of summer.

I fully admit that I fucked up.  But I can’t regret crawling up that curtain.  Being with family made me feel loved.  Hiking with Knox made feel inspired.  Seeing my favorite musician live in San Francisco made me feel invigorated.  Having a sober friend over PrideFest made me feel proud.  And now going to Portland with my partner will make me feel grateful.

Writing can get a bit lonely.  I work hard and then hardly see anyone - which is probably why I overdid it these last six weeks.  So, I can either catch up via locking myself away from people again and missing out on the rest of summer, or I can take a small hiatus from the blog to finish writing the book AND enjoy a little bit of summer too.

In order to slowly get my kitten-self off the curtain, I have decided to opt for the latter.  I need to feel the sun on my skin and have more summer adventures to possibly write about for the blog.  Perhaps I will touch a dolphin (not likely).  Maybe I will eat a hot dog (also not likely).  I might even get that sweet, sweet summertime STD (hopefully not likely).

I guess this is my way of telling you all that I am taking a quick break from the blog.  I am estimating around four to six weeks, or whenever I finish the book - whichever one comes first.  This is also my way of telling you that I really REALLY hope you stick around for more transparent life essays when I return.

And if you are ever-so-disappointed that there won’t be new essays for a bit, then feel free to check out the archives section and see if any of those topics strike your fancy.  There are probably tons of older posts you haven’t read yet.  And I genuinely do enjoy striking your fancies.  

If you are new to the blog and feel overwhelmed by the archives, then below I have posted my top 8 essays - some recent, some older.  I also tacked on the three guest blogs because these talented writers stripped down and fucking crushed it.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and readership.  So many of you say you feel like you totally know me, even though you’ve never met me.  I appreciate your appreciation of the intimacy that I get to share.  I promise… I will return.


    Scott Bare InkSlinger
    (aka: the kitten hanging on the curtain)


 1. The Little Blogger That Could 

I have done everything in my power to properly protest the idea of writing a blog. Now I am actually doing it and it looks awesome and I can’t wait to do more.

2. Drawn To Something New  

I'm accustomed to stripping down and posing for still life art groups. Then, when some handsome friends of mine decided to do it too, I took it as an opportunity to try something I dreaded: sitting on the other side with the pencil in my hand and facing my fear of drawing. NSFW Version Available. 


3. Adventures In Adderall 

My bad brain rarely wants to cooperate with me. And since it’s starting to interfere with my ability to even hold a conversation, I decided the time had come to do what my mom thankfully didn’t: reach for the pills. 



4. One Bad Card Makes The House Come Tumbling Down  

Life can feel like building a house of cards. But all it takes is one bad card to make it all come tumbling down.  If we can't purge the card, here is what we can do. NSFW Version Available

5. The Valentine's Day Grinch 

No one loathed Valentine's day more than me. So when I got an odd job offer for the holiday, I wondered if it would help my attitude. But then something else happened that changed my grinchy heart far more than I expected. 



6. Folsom: The Final Frontier 

When I went to Folsom Street Fair for the first time, I thought it might be my naughty final frontier. But the more I searched for this ultimate experience, the more I began to miss out on one of the best parts. NSFW Version Available


7. The Best Worst Vacation Ever  When we took a last minute vacation to Las Vegas, one disastrous thing happened after another. I started to throwing in the towel on having a good time. That is until I figured out the retreat's biggest spoiler. 

8. Boxing With Bad Body Image When a reader wrote in about his annoyance with "hot guys" preaching self-acceptance, it became an issue I wanted to tackle. But exploring it reminded me of my own battles with body image and the reasons I want others to find peace as well. NSFW Version Available.


9. Bring Cash, Pay The Dancers 
(by Dave Wheeler)  

Dave and his friend's hit up a male strip club for a fun night out... only to have it fall flat. Just as they were going to throw in the towel, a special dancer came along and changed everything. Dave bares it all in the first guest post on Bare InkSlinger!  NSFW Version Available



10. Freedom 2018 
(by Leland Coffee)

When things look perfect, you never know what's really happening. To everyone else, Leland Coffey had it all. But within a couple of years, "it all" vanished. Leland tells the story of going from perfection to isolation and how he is humbly turning it all around.  NSFW Version Available.


11. I Won't Grow Up 
(by Casey Coppess) 

When hair loss happened to Casey, he panicked (like any of us) in trying to figure out how to fix it. But it wasn’t until he got his yoga certification that he realized a different way to approach the downsides of growing up. 

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