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"Who is this guy and why am I about to read this blog?"  You might be thinking to yourself right about now.  Or at least I hope you are thinking it to yourself.  If you are thinking it to someone else, then you my friend, have telepathy. And that is far more interesting than anything you can find here. 

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott McGlothlen and this is my blog on baring it all (and I do mean ALL)!  For the last decade, I have experimented with living life in total transparency.  As uncomfortable as it can be, the results have been incredible.  Here, I get to write essays from this life in total disclosure.  While these essays are extremely personal, the themes are entirely universal.   

     How did I get to be this way?  Well once upon a time, I was afraid of everything.  My fears fed my deep rooted insecurities which fed my need to overcompensate by acting like a tool.  As you can imagine it was all incredibly healthy (sometimes I'm sarcastic).  Then at at the age of 25, shit hit the fan so badly… that I would rather have just been in a room where shit literally hit a fan.  I was no longer the king of “first world problems” as I finally experienced real human suffering at it’s finest.  

    I had two choices: cower down in fear of what others might think (like I always had) or face the whole thing openly, in front of everyone.  I opted for the latter and awesome things began to happen.  Not only did I thrive in the face of this stupid disaster, but I also started to become the kind of human being I never knew I actually wanted to be.  I learned a lot about humility, empathy, and even facing my fears.  Sometimes it's not enough to merely face them.  Rather you just have to run towards them - head on.  Except for heights.  Never run towards heights.  Or spiders.  Just slowly walk away from those.

    First, let’s get a few things out of the way:

    1.  I post every other Tuesday.  

    2.  Not all posts are for the weak of heart.  Sometimes I deal with subjects of a strong sexual nature.  I also have a tendency to curse.  I know, I know.  This is terribly uncouth.  But I try to balance it out by using words like “uncouth.” 

    3.  Some posts might contain nudity.  It's not pornography.  It's transparency.  However these posts are always censored in the main blog so that you won't accidentally get any surprises at work.  You will have to click on the button inside the post in order to access the NSFW Version.

    4.  If you want to get transparent with me, feel free to go on over to the "question and answer" page and literally ask me anything you want.  It can be about you.  It can be about me.  Either way, you can remain anonymous, but I cannot.  

    5.  Join the mailing list.  It's free and it gets you blog updates, bonus content, and full access to the NSFW Versions of posts.  Your email will never be shared with anyone.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to some reading!

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